Electric Printmaking Workshop

This is a one day intaglio process workshop. Instead of toxic acids, we will be using very low voltage DC current to etch copper plates. The workshop will be May 13th from 10am-1pm. Please contact me or visit for more info.


I bought few small chunks of catlinite to see if I could pulverize it for pigment. Its not fast going yet but I’m working on a contraption to automate the process.

Diamond G Turpentine

Great Turpentine

I keep a little turpentine around for aromatherapy. I pop the top and take a hit, er I mean whiff. I don’t do that with everyday hardware store turp though. The smell is just awful. Art supply turpentine can be hit or miss too but Utrecht and W&N are the ones I’d usually get and […]

Honorable Menschen

Honorable Menschen

I often consider a lengthy explanation of a painting, but it’s usually like explaining the punchline of a joke. First, let’s get this out of the way: Nietzsche’s writings were co-opted and twisted by his sister and the Nazis, so he gets a bad rap. The Übermensch (Overman or Superman) is often tied to a […]

Girl With a Pearl Earring

Dutch Art, Patrons, and Markets

I’ve been selected to study Dutch art at the High Museum this summer! Here’s a summary from the Council of Independent Colleges prospectus: A rare traveling exhibition of masterpieces of Dutch Golden Age paintings featuring works by Vermeer, Hals, Rembrandt, and others will visit the United States in 2013, while the collection’s home at the […]

Rizzmataz Basil Pesto

A friend phoned me up the other day asking if I’d like some basil from her garden. “Of course!”, I said, thinking I’d save myself the guilt of plucking a few leaves here and there. I plucked the small tree she gave me and made these few jars of pesto I’ve called Rizzmataz. Thanks to […]

Well Heeled

Well Heeled

The stretcher frame for this canvas came from Tedd Blevins and I knew the subject I would paint upon it had to be at least a little lascivious. After I had decided on the composition, I remembered a strip club story told in the parking lot after Tedd’s funeral, for it was too lewd to […]

oil - 50x62 inches

Holding a Balance

oil – 50×62 inches I’ve always had a thing for Flemish still life, almost a dirty little secret for a painter of the modern age. Such decadently illustrative paintings may seem superfluous to the contemporary eye. Johannes Vermeer’s work has a modern simplicity, allowing the viewer to focus on the figure. Vermeer’s painting of a […]

Tramp l'oil

Tramp l’oil

People often get tattoos in order to feel unique, owning the bodies they were born into without choice. Selecting a generic design from a book however, seems to only reinforce conformity.

Seat Yourself - detail

Seat Yourself

A private conversation in a public place was the prompt for this painting. The cropped exit sign, broken Dos Equis bottle, table and chair legs, and more subtle hints throughout, all give hints as to the topic of this conversation.

Self Portrait at 34

Self Portrait at 34

This was yesterday’s painting; I thought I’d whip out a self portrait before my birthday. I pulled out some colors I don’t usually use, starting with Green Earth and some Cobalt Violet Light, Stil de Grain, Lapis Lazuli. All of these were low tinting strength.

Lincolnshower Park

Just the other day, I went out to paint for a bit at Lincolnshire Park in Tazewell, VA. Of course, being ill prepared and perhaps ill advised, I was caught in a rain shower. At first, there were just a few drops and I continued painting – oil and water don’t mix, right? I did […]

Brian Coryell’s Lighting Assignment

A tripod composite using only one light source. The light source that was used was a 800 watt Alien Bee strobe setup. I also used a snoot which I attached to the front of strobe unit to control the size of my light source. Rather than having a tremendous amount of spill light, a snoot […]

Trade Show

Every year, Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff sponsors a trade show in Boone, NC. I’ve never been to such an event and Boone isn’t that far away so I went to the show this year. Overall, it was a good show but the selection and prices weren’t as great as I’d hoped. I think “Cheap” Joe […]