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I often have a hard time telling the difference between work and play. Scroll through or filter with the links above.

Holding a Balance

oil - 50x62 inches

I've always had a ting for Flemish still life, almost a dirty little secret for a painter of the modern age. This stands in contrast to Vermeer's modern simplicity. These are just two voices I'm conversing with in this painting. Keep looking.
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Bald Eagle

oil - 48x60 inches

Honorable Menschen

oil - 54x72 inches

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You Were Never Duckier

oil - 60x48 inches


oil - 72x48 inches

Defending the Green

oil - 70x50 inches

Well Heeled

oil - 18x24 inches

Tramp l'oil

oil - 40x48 inches

Prometheus Band

oil - 70x60 inches

an oft told tale with a twangy twist

Prometheus is called the Fire Bringer and in some readings of the myth this fire is the very spark of consciousness. Music here is not only the metaphor but also the conduit for this fire.

Much of my work is about the alienation and dehumanization of worker drones. Music, and art in general, can remind and remold us – making us more human.

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The Walking Unled Dead

oil - 50x36 inches


oil - 32x26 inches

The Other Half

oil - 36x56 inches

Seat Yourself

oil - 50x50 inches

Sunday Afternoon

oil - 36x50 inches

Counter Fitting and First Impressions

oil - 68x54 inches

From Which to Choose

oil - 68x60 inches

Still Life with Fountain

oil - 40x50 inches

Consumption of the Virgin

oil - 72x56 inches

In Vestments

oil - 58x64 inches

Some Settling May Occur

oil - 60x66 inches

Two actors on a stage, perhaps both antagonists, separated by a tower of commodities, surrounded by cardboard confections.

Across the River Same

oil - 72x52 inches

Adam's Mortgage

oil - 50x78 inches


oil - 50x66 inches

Physical Plant 1

waterless litho - 9 1/2 x 7 3/4 inches

Physical Plant 4

waterless lithograph - 15x9 inches

Waterless lithography is a relatively new process for making planographic prints that uses the non-paintable quality of common silicone caulking. Many surfaces can be used; the four plates for this print were printed on an ordinary etching press.

Welding Equipment

7 1/2 x 10 inches

studioBristol Photography

design, custom WordPress CMS

The Eseeola Lodge at Linville Golf Club

frontend design and custom backend CMS

Virginia Intermont College

site design and code - circa 2000

ETSU Department of Art and Design

design and code for frontend and custom CMS


frontend/backend catalog code

March 2013 Bout Poster

bout poster - 17x11 inches

October 2012

bout poster - 17x11 inches

Blue Plum 2012

poster - 17x11 inches

Annabelle's Curse

Site design/custom WordPress as CMS

McCarroll Construction

design and programming - custom CMS

Little City or Bust

bout poster - 17x11 inches

Star Spangled Slammer

bout poster - 11x17 inches

Delacroix - Liberty Leading the PeopleMy poster design borrows heavily from Delacroix, whose painting incidentally also inspired the Statue of Liberty.
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Brawl in the Hall

bout poster - 16x11 inches

All's Fair in Love and Derby

bout poster - 17x11 inches

Art Walk Graffiti

Jerry n tha PoPoMy student, Jerry Allen, was spraying at an Art D'Vine art walk event when police rolled up. We had the proper permission, and the officer was cool.

Color Theory Mosaic